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an impossible horizon

Wonka and the problem of old stories

I left you a voicemail

Substackers Against Nazis

a pocket observatory abortion primer

I left you a voicemail

Moon Dust

I hear voices

Averted Vision


You and I were in Columbia Journalism Review

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Welcome to The Observatorium

something scattered


I left Desirrae a message

Tim Ballard said He Buried Me

war, vampires and resurrection light

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Altar Bound

I'm doing something kind of big

help me build the observatorium

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For the real ones

I left you a message

Altar Bound

Oracles and Angry Girls

In which I rot in the ground

I left you a voicemail

Sound of Freedom is part of an augmented reality project

Will you leave me a message?

Can Queer Love Help Sanctify the World?

Can Queer Love Sanctify the World?

Transcript: Can Queer Love Help Sanctify the World?

A Pilgrimage to a Taylor Swift Shrine

Hey, wanna hang out tonight? (But for real.)

A Certain Kind of Woman

The Final Frontier

Software helps my ADHD brain think

There's No Escape

Transcript: There is a Ghost at the End of this Story

There is a Ghost at the End of this Story

A Divorce Fellowship for Mothers

Desantis, Disney and the Liberal Men Who Hate Women

Read, Create, Hear, Eat

10 minutes on Heather Armstrong

"Jail doesn't let mommies visit?"

hello from the bottom of the sea

When was the last time a number blew your mind?

top 20 homeculture essays

My husband taught me to disappoint people

Wrap me in a Necklace of Lights

I finally left Twitter

When the answers are worn out and the kitsch is too

The U.S. School Shooter Era

Another shooting

Donald Trump, Patron of the Deepfakes

I swore I wouldn't say anything but...

Failure State Games

Where were you in 2008?

I'll Carry It For You

Mormon Cowboys, Drew Barrymore and Trans Joy

Let's Knock Some Furniture Over

Spring Reading (help!)

One of Walgreens biggest stockholders commissioned Fearless Girl

The Babysitter's Club Book Covers are for Sale

Riley was in a Mr. Clean Commercial

Attention Is All We Need

If You Prick Us, Do We Not Bleed?

Worth doesn't have to be tethered to recognition

Fine, I'll admit it. I like Titanic.

The internet searches I made during my miscarriage are still on a Google server

I talked about LDS domestic violence on NPR

Fire and Food Kisses

Trauma ate my newsletter

Tell me about The Great Stove Debate, please.

I guess this turned into a love letter

Vultures, Motherhood and the Dead (Year)