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Community Member Exclusive: Tell me one thing you learned in 2022.

It's a Wonderful Life

I had AI generate momfluencers at Christmas. It got weird!

Is There Anything Fancier Than a Themed Restaurant?

Paid Subscriber Discussion: Is there a way make AI art ethical?

I've been banned by Elon Musk

(Embarrassing) Sick Movies

This is a rant about beds at work

Seeing Stars

Pneumonia in the Time of an Antibiotic Shortage

This is a rant about rugs

Banshees, Angry Octopuses and Free Lunch

We're in trouble

Tell me what to write

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Extra! Extra!

A Horrifying Update

Community Thread: Help! Thanksgiving Menu Ideas

Christian Nationalism and Semen Supremacy

Dancing with Ghosts in my Kitchen

Community Thread: Were there spooky spots in your childhood home?

Paid Member Exclusive : Links for Living

It's genitals, It's purity...It's a purse!

Community Thread: The Costume That Got Away

Three Things

Sex, Lies and Wife Guys

Community Discussion: Cheating, Sex + Song

The Breakfast Burrito in the Age of Suburbs

Three Things

White Eve doesn't eat forbidden fruit, she bakes apple pies.

Discussion Thread: What makes something a good heirloom?

Three Things

Discussion Thread: What are you *scream into a pillow* angry about today?

The kitchen is for crying (and sometimes killing)

Discussion Thread: I need to know your favorite soup! Please?

We got a dog when I gave up on the future

Weekly Discussion: Help me plan a dream vacation!

When was the last time you felt safe?

Grief and Sex at Mimi's Cafe

I visited my childhood home

Weekly Discussion: What movies explain why, how, where and who we are?

What happens to the people who survive the end of the world?

I only cry in this audio note once

Discussion Thread: Consumerism is bad but also what mall stores did you love as a kid?

What about this 4th of July?

Discussion Thread: Do you ever disappear?

In Sepsis and in Health

The cops stood in the hall and listened to them die.

That's all right. I knew you were coming.

What were you taught about crime and punishment as a child?

Video: Talking Eugenics at the Kitchen Table

Manifestation, Eugenics and Flower Oil

Weekly Discussion: What book do you wish you could read for the first time again?

An unedited rant about anti-abortion activists and white feminists

I exist because my grandma had an abortion

Monday Thread: The Best Thing You've Ever Worn

Manifest Destiny

Discussion Thread: Is Community Building Real Work?

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I grew up in a church led by a prophet

Left Behind

A Confession, A Bomb, A Knife

She Fled Kyiv with Her 5 Year Old Son

Hidden Bread and Hidden Histories

Conquest, war, famine + death

Ballerina Farm + Care Work Capitalism

Home Work Update

War of the Worlds

My Unvaccinated 4 Year Old Got Omicron

My friend's life was ruined* by a Magnolia Network Home Makeover. *made worse for quite awhile